Daily Bulletin

District Office Bulletin for Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Parking Lot: Do not park your vehicle along the white railing on the north side of the parking lot or behind the garbage dumpsters.

Student Information Forms: Be sure to hand in your completed student information forms to your teachers or the office.

Locker Room: Do not leave your gym bags on the locker room floor or benches-that is how items come up missing. Use your lockers!

5th & 6th Graders: Volleyball and Football sign-up sheets are outside the office. Please have handed in by August 30th.

Seniors: Petitions for senior class officers are due to Mrs. Carr or Mrs. Welch by Friday, August 17th.

Students: Today is the last day for open drop and add. Get any schedule changes made today with Mrs. Schlueter.

High School Students: Attention High School Students! For your dining pleasure in the cafeteria you have a new option! Introducing the Grill station. Every day there will be an added selection of 2 different sandwiches in addition to the 3 entrée choices already offered. It is a regular school meal at regular school lunch price so it includes milk, hot vegetable, unlimited fruit and vegetable bar and dessert (when offered). The Grill station is located at the North serving entrance (the one you use for breakfast) to make the line go faster.

Juniors: Don't forget to turn in election petitions to Mrs. Williams or Mrs. Ganser by Friday if you wish to run for a class office!

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